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Voss Foundation is dedicated to providing access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene as a means to enable community-driven development in Sub-Saharan Africa and raising awareness of the ongoing need in the region.

1/6th of the world’s population does not have access to clean drinking water.

Nearly two million people die each year from preventable diseases caused by unclean water and lack of adequate sanitation.

748 million people lack access to clean water and 325 million are in Sub-Saharan Africa. That's more than the entire population of the United States in 2014.

In just one day, women and children spend 140 million hours collecting water. That's enough time to build the Empire State Building 20 times.

The Voss Foundation helps to meet these needs through a unique approach which ensures local ownership and long term sustainability.

The Voss Foundation’s primary targets are women and children with special focus on adolescent girls.

With multiple projects currently underway in Africa, the Voss Foundation is poised to provide meaningful aid.


31 Days

Water, it’s essential for human life. Living without access to clean safe drinking water is hard to imagine. For millions in Sub-Saharan Africa, it’s a daily reality.

Each year, as part of our annual #31Days to Make a Difference Campaign, we feature Voss displays in support of Voss Foundation at retailers. This year, in a special cooperative effort, Jewel-Osco, Smart & Final and Shoprite will help even more with a commitment to heavy display activity. Their efforts will bring awareness to the on-going need for clean-water, sanitation and hygiene in Sub-Saharan Africa. The program, supported heavily with worldwide social media and public relations, happens between World Water Day (March 22) and Earth Day (April 22).

In addition, New York City radio station, 95.5 PLJ hosted Karaoke for a Cause with Gavin DeGraw on April 5 and Ocean Park Standoff on April 17 to bring further recognition to Voss Foundation. On air personalities, John Foxx and Ralphie Aversa went head-to-head with local PLJ fans to sing their hit songs. Contestants were awarded a $250 cash prize and a donation of $250 was made to Voss Foundation in the winner’s name. The audience also enjoyed an intimate concert with both Gavin DeGraw and Ocean Park Standoff.

All of us at VOSS Water are very grateful to Jewel-Osco, Smart & Final, Shoprite, and 95.5 PLJ for being a champion for clean water and supporting Voss Foundation. #31Days

To learn more about the work of Voss Foundation, please visit: www.vossfoundation.org 



Nearly two million people die each year from preventable diseases caused by unclean water and lack of adequate sanitation.

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Over 300 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa do not have access to clean drinking water.